Update 2/22/17 ~ Larger Private Chests, Houses, and more.

New Content

  • Larger Private Chests - You can now use medium and large chests to store all your valuables in!
  • Larger Houses - Level 14 houses are now available along with new skeleton furniture!
  • Bone Canyon - Visit the dry and desolate Bone Canyon and press further along The Trail!
  • More Quests - New quests and recipes based on Bone Canyon are available to unlock!
  • Privateer Offer - A brand new special offer themed upon privateers is available for seasoned explorers!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players getting into a state where they would constantly move towns and be unable to upgrade their houses
  • Solved an issue where players would get a white screen when attempting to repair clothes with insufficicent favours
  • We now prevent players from veering off trail at the beginning of Murky Marsh
  • Fix for issue where all dialogue would appear invisible
  • Fixed issue where players that already owned a home would be constantly asked to buy a home
  • Additional stability fixes and other small bug fixes

If you're having issues with the update, please contact support and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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