Update 03/17/17 ~ Leprechaun Outfit and More!


Hello Travelers,

Here are some details on today's update!

* Level 15 houses and pirate furniture
* Wander through the newest area: Cerulean Bay

* A new quest for each profession

* Ultimate pack - never runs out. Available in a special offer bundle.
* Leprechaun outfit (pictured above)
As with previous special offers, there are 3 tiers to this outfit that will come up based on your game progress: Leprechaun, Cheerful Leprechaun, Lucky Leprechaun. Each tier has a different price.

* Potato
* Irish stew
* Seaglass
* Seaweed
* Seashell
* Crab Claw

More Dog clothing:
* Bandit mask
* Pretty Bow
* Top Hat

New Food Recipes:
* Sushi
* Seashell necklace
* Carved mermaid
* Toy crab

Bug fixes:
* Fix for Zebra Rug and Japanese Tatami issues.
* Solved problem with no logs spawning when cutting a logging field tree.
* Fixed issue where a large number of sticks appear in logging field.
* Fix for instant crashing on entering the warehouse.



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