The Trail won’t load or download on my device.

If you’re having trouble loading/downloading The Trail on your mobile device, here are a few things to check on:

  • Make sure your device is up to date with the latest operating system version.
  • The Trail is optimized to run with the latest versions of an OS. Apple devices will require at least iOS 8, and Android devices require at least Android 4.
  • If you are using an older device, make sure your device supports the latest OS versions.
  • If you are still having trouble after updating, you may be short of internal RAM or storage. Some older devices can have problems running new operating systems.
  • If your game isn't loading, try closing down the app completely and restarting your device.
  • If you are having trouble downloading the game or an update, make sure you have a solid connection to the internet; WIFI is generally recommended when installing/updating the app.
  • If you continue to have trouble downloading, loading, or running The Trail, please check known/reported issues  to see if this is something currently being worked on.

If your issue is not known/reported or if you’d like troubleshooting assistance, please contact support with the following information:

  • Your current device and operating system version specs (please be specific).
  • Your current game version number of The Trail (can be found in the game settings/options or in your Google Play/App Store).
  • When you first started having issues loading the app/what version number you are trying to download/install/run.
  • Screenshots of the problem, if available/applicable.


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