Can I leave my town or switch to a different town? What will happen to my house?

Yes. Players can now leave their town and either join a new town out of a list or create a new one. In order to do this, you must build the Stagecoach. 

The Stagecoach Building opens up the capability for people in your town to leave and join a new town or found their own. 

  • Your house should move perfectly over to the new town and everything should be as it was in your previous town unless you change professions while moving.
  • You will be warned about a profession change before you confirm the move.
  • If your profession changes, all will be the same except you will have a different machine in the place of your old one.
  • You can choose the specific town you move to and there will be a curated list of possible towns.
  • Players naturally filling towns will be capped to 10 now so that there will always be 10 spots in a town for stagecoach movers (until they are filled).
  • At this time, you cannot remove players from your town.
  • The game will try and move you to your current profession. You can’t yet actively choose which profession you move to. If there is no slot of your profession available in the new town you choose, you will be told what your new profession will be before you accept the move.


Click here to read more information on Towns. 


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