What do I do with my house and how do I upgrade or furnish it?

Purchasing Your House

House plots are themed with 5 different professions, each has a different look and feel.

  • Lumberjack
  • Tailor
  • Tanner
  • Stone Mason
  • Blacksmith

When the town is created, it has one of each type for a total of 5 plots. When each of these 5 plots have been purchased, another 5 are unlocked, to a maximum of 20 plots. When a player first arrives in a town, they are given the option to purchase a plot for Chits or Favours. 

Click here to read more information on Towns.

Upgrading Your House

After purchasing your house, click and enter it. At the bottom of your screen you will see which items are needed to upgrade your house. If you click the Upgrade button, it will also tell you what benefits you receive by upgrading and a the crafting screen to perform the upgrade to your house.

Not sure how to get the items required? Click on the item to see what the name of the material is. Click on “What is needed?” to find out how to obtain that material. For example, if your house requires a metal bolt, it will tell you the name of the nearest Blacksmith in your town, where you can craft the necessary metal bolt.

Every player has a profession and every profession is equally represented in towns (equal number of slots for each profession in a town). You can input items into the machines of others in order to help the other player or to make the item for yourself. You need a variety of machined items from other professions for your own house upgrades.

Furnishing Your House

To furnish your house, enter your house and then click the yellow “Furniture” tab to see what furnishings are available to you. You can also upgrade your floors, add windows, accessories, and arrange furniture around the room(s) of your house. At the start, there is a limited number of furniture to choose from. More options become available after upgrading your house.

Some furnishings/decor provide extra bonuses, so pay close attention to the details. 

Certain items have a degree of interactivity; the private chest can store your items and the shared shelves are where the player can place items for other people to take (and they can also place on other people’s shelves). 

Some furnishings/decor provide extra bonuses, so pay close attention to the details. Click here to read more information on furnishings. 



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