What are towns, how do they work, and how can I get a house?


Houses and towns are a huge part of The Trail!

When you buy a plot, you will automatically build a house and join a town. You can then work together as a town to unlock civic buildings which do a variety of things such as allowing you to chat with your fellow settlers in your town, better access to large quantities of wood in the Logging Field, and many other features.

Houses also give you a profession and you can make money by selling items you make using your house machine. You can spend Chits on furniture for your home that will allow you to store rare items and clothing in your house. Some house items can also give you buffs such as improved stamina, better duration/quality of items made, and even increasing Chits received for items you sell!

You can fast travel between your town and your last visited site on The Trail. 

Discovering and/or Founding a Town

You will encounter a town by walking the trail. If you were the first to arrive, you can be the founder. Being the founder means you name the town and can create a town charter (which is essentially flavor text.) If you are not the first to arrive, you will have the option to purchase a house. 

Towns are placed in a random 'County,' which will be a small group of other Towns your town competes against for things like gold earned and distance explored.

You can also leave your current town via the Stagecoach (Civic Building) and either join a town or create your own. 

Purchasing a House

Each house is linked to 1 of 5 different professions. When you buy a house, you will become that profession. There are up to 20 houses in each town and the professions are evenly distributed. 

Click here to read more information on Houses.


The Stagecoach Building opens up the capability for people in your town to leave and join a new town or found their own. 

  • Your house should move perfectly over to the new town and everything should be as it was in your previous town unless you change professions while moving.
  • You will be warned about a profession change before you confirm the move.
  • If your profession changes, all will be the same except you will have a different machine in the place of your old one.
  • You can choose the specific town you move to and there will be a list of possible towns.
  • Players naturally filling towns will be capped to 10 now so that there will always be 10 spots in a town for stagecoach movers (until they are filled).
  • At this time, you cannot remove players from your town.
  • The game will try and move you to your current profession. You can’t yet actively choose which profession you move to. If there is no slot of your profession available in the new town you choose, you will be told what your new profession will be before you accept the move.


The Warehouse is a building that can be purchased and built in your town. You and other players can work together to build a town, collect items and currency for your town, and compete against other towns for prizes and prestige.

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The Lumberyard is a building that can be purchased and built in your town. You and other players can work together for resources at the Lumberyard. 

Click here to read more information on the Lumberyard.


The Saloon is a building that can be purchased and built in your town. You and other players can use the Saloon to communicate with one another.

Click here for more information on the Saloon.


The Bank is a building that can be purchased and built in your town. At this time, the only function of the bank is to allow you or fellow town members to purchase gold with real currency. 

Teng Fei's General Store

At Teng Fei's General Store, you can choose to spend town gold on decorations which can be freely placed around town. 

The items on sale are cycled and change regularly. Town decorations give the town various buffs that affect the members of the town. 

Civic Buildings

Not all civic buildings are unlocked from the beginning. Civic buildings can be unlocked by town members spending gold - a shared currency. Once the player spends the gold it takes a variable amount of time to build the building in which time any town member can cancel the build and refund the money.

Tapping anywhere on the civic building when you have enough gold brings up a requester telling you are spending town gold.

Some buildings are not yet available and you may see a sign that reads "Coming Soon!" These buildings will be available in future updates to the game.

Earn gold by filling crates in the Warehouse or purchasing gold from the bank. 

Resource Field

The resource field is a building that contains a field with many trees. These trees are different to the trees found of the trail; they are much larger and may require several high-leveled axes to cut down.

The amounts of cuts on the tree is saved and so players can, as a community, whittle a tree down over a period of time. When a tree is cut then it produces a large amount of logs and sticks that can either all be taken by the player or left for others.

The tree will regrow after a period of time, and the un-collected logs and sticks will disappear too.

The first unlock of the resource field only contains pine trees, but this can be ungraded to include other types of trees at a later date.

Explorer's Guild

Another way to earn gold for your town is during the weekly league assessment.

During the assessment, the furthest campsite visited by a member of your town is shown (along with the member name that achieved that). The better your town performs, the more gold you will earn!

Town Assessments

Click here to read more about daily and weekly Town Assessments.






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