How do I buy/sell/trade items? Do I lose my items if another player doesn't purchase it?

When you reach a camp, you can click “Go!” at trading time to sell unwanted items. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy items placed by other players on the screen.

Upon first arriving, there is a clock that shows you how much time you have remaining before the window to start trading runs out. To sell your items, click "Go" and then drag and drop your items on to the machine to sell them. The further to the left you place your items, the better of a price you will get. If your item is not picked up by another player, it will be recycled. The amount of chits you receive for your item will decrease as it gets closer to being recycled.

If someone purchases your item before being recycled, you will get more chits than if it goes all the way to to the chipper. Not to worry, though, even if your item gets recycled you will receive chits for it! If you wish to keep your item to try and sell it for a higher price with another player, then you can remove it from the conveyor before the end at no cost and then take it to the next campsite.


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