What is the Lumberyard and how do I use it?

The Lumberyard is a Civic Building situated in the town. Town members contribute Logs and the Lumberyard produces Planks for upgrading houses.

The signpost for the civic building shows:

  • Number of planks available.
  • If no planks available: Logs required

Tapping on the Lumberyard takes you to the interior. Inside the Lumberyard there is a hopper which takes any type of Log.

The hopper shows how many logs are added to the hopper and how many are required to make a plank.

The signpost in the lumberyard shows:

  • Number of planks available for upgrades
  • When the next plank will be produced (if the hopper is empty this changes to “More Logs required”)
  • The top 3 contributors in the last [week] (which town member have added the most logs tot he hopper). Updated every [Wednesday]

The background visually shows whether the lumberyard is empty or full. Planks in the lumberyard are a communal resource and thus shared between town members.

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