What is the Saloon and how do I use it?

While in Town or on the Trail

The Saloon is a civic building in the town. The sign on the saloon shows the number of new/unread messages since your last visit.  Once your town has unlocked and built a Saloon, the Town Chat button becomes a part of your town menu. 

While on the trail, you will get new message notifications in the Town menu. A maximum of the last 2 messages will be shown at the top of the screen. If there are no new messages within the last 20 seconds, the messages clear out. 

Tapping a notification message at the top of the screen will bring up a chat overlay for you to use while on the trail.

While Inside the Saloon

Tap on the chat bubble or Saloon building to enter. While inside, you can write short messages to other members of your town. There is a character limit of 144 characters and a profanity filter is in place. 

Your own messages will appear in a different color than messages from other townsfolk.

Major town events are automatically added to the noticeboard such as:

  • Players joining (and eventually leaving) the town
  • Players building / canceling civic buildings
  • Players interacting with the civic buildings / resource fields such as Community Logging and Lumberyard
  • Results from Town trading
  • Players upgrading their houses
  • Purchases/placement of town furnishings

Click here to read more information on Towns. 


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