Update 12/9/16 ~ Stagecoach, New Houses, and More

We are so excited to release today's update! Here are the highlights of what's new:

The Stagecoach
You can now move to another Town or become the founding member of a new Town!

Town Shortcut
We have added a special offer for those who just can't wait to get to Town!

Winter is here! Those feeling festive can decorate their homes or dress up as a Snowman!

New Quests 16 new quests with new recipe rewards!

Bigger Houses We've added 2 more house levels for those with grand designs.

And more
Bugs were addressed such as stacks of quest items only counting as one, items disappearing from locked chest, other players not trading after the jungle, Advertising Annie blocking healthbar.


If you'd like to learn more or discuss, please share with us on the forums!



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